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LaMont "Montee Jamal" Evans

Chief Executive Officer


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Since we acquired our first contract in 2002, we have stayed the course in learning the best ways to deliver the services we offer and keep pace with the evolution of technology, thus passing this on to our clients.   Today we are a leading minority owned and operated consulting firm having served more than 500 individuals, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, government entities, and communities combined within 12 years -- including our work in Ghana, West Africa where we began providing our services in 2006. But while those service opportunities have been appreciated, our commitment to our clients, employees, and the communities in which we operate is even greater.


LaMont "Montee Jamal" Evans, is the CEO/Chief Creative Officer of mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, Limited Liability Company (US) and mojaevans Professional Services, Limited (GH), a position he has held since founding the company in 2002. Evans leads the company into the 21st century with a firm commitment to the mission, values, and spirit of a consulting firm that learns as it grows thus perfecting the mojaevans brand. In our quest to become a sustainable, profitable growth consulting firm, our service structure has evolved to sharpen the focus of services we offer to our clients with greater speed, productivity and effectiveness.


The development of partnerships and collaborations with others in the consulting world allows us to ensure  services promised are delivered on time.  We refuse to give up, no matter how large the task and we will burn the midnight hour to deliver the best sunrise our clients have come to expect when they open an email first thing in the morning from us, read a text (SMS) message, see a post our our Facebook Wall, or view a tweet.


Evans started the company with the intentions of leveraging the ability of individuals, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, government entities, and communities to deliver their products and/or services with the same aggressiveness as those with unlimited resources.  In 1995, he left St. Louis, Missouri to acquire his Bachelor's of Science Degree with a focus on Business Operations from DeVry University in Chicago, Illinois.  After graduating in 1998, he served as the Student Services Manager for DeVry University in Dallas, Texas where student retention and leadership development were core components of his work.  In 2000, he accepted a Senior Management position (i.e. Director of National Programs) for a national nonprofit organization in Atlanta, GA where he oversaw and delivered technical assistance and capacity building services to nonprofit organizations in 33 states.  For a short period (2003-2004), he served as the Executive Director of Concerned Black Men, Inc. of Philadelphia overseeing a budget of $4.2M and responsible for the design and development of youth and young adult mentorship programs, teen pregnancy prevention, youth violence prevention, nonprofit leadership growth and development.


Evans returned to Atlanta in 2004 to continue the delivery and development of services in line with the company's mission.  Having visited West Africa on numerous occasions, Evans registered the company in Ghana, West Africa in 2006 after seeing a need for small business and nonprofit organizations seeking to gain leverage within their country and the world.  Evans attended Goizeuta Business School of Emory University in 2009 focusing on an Executive MBA and unable to complete due to his commitments in Africa at that time.  .


Active in the global service community, Evans serves as the Chairman of Healthy Black Communities, Inc. (HBC), Supreme Officer of International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star (IFAMM OES), and engaged in multiple communities throughout the United States. He is single and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


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