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LLC Incorporation & Development

Since our humble beginning in 2002, we have mastered the art of developing Limited Liability Companies and help them get up and running.  Let us develop your LLC and get you started on the right track.

Who We Are


mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, LLC is an Atlanta based consulting firm that continues to perfect its structure, and pass lessons learned on to other LLC as we evolve.  We provide four key service tracks for clients: Graphic/Website Design, LLC and Nonprofit Incorporation & Development, Search Engine/Social Media Optimization, and Motivational Speaking.


What We Do


We assist you in incorporating your LLC by developing your Articles of Incorporation, acquiring your Employer/Tax ID number, set up a filing system, and mentor you during your first year.  Our goal is to make sure you stay the course for the product and/or service you want to provide and not lose faith or hope for its success.  We also recommend the best time to shift into high  or low gear as the ebbs and flows in the world of small business change.


Our goal is to help you stay in business, by providing you with a portfolio of services to help your business grow.  Starting your own business is one part to writing your own way through life, however staying in business is the other part of the equation.  Through our own pains and groans as well as by watching others' mistakes, we have learned what to do and what NOT TO DO.


How We Can Help You


mojaevans will walk you through step-by-step of the incorporation process ensuring attention to detail.  We will help you understand the LLC lingo/language so you will not be confused as your company grows and hold your hand throughout the development process.  Many start their own LLC in the deep end of the pool almost drowning from misconceptions about how to run and operate and LLC


We have gone from the shallow end to the deep end and back to the shallow end of the pool from time to time as the world of business develops and we incorporate lessons along the way.  Complete this form today and let's see how mojaevans can better serve you.


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