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One of the most fascinating things about Ghana is the friendliness of the people and work ethic that the people have.  They are committed to seeing a project through and ensuring those who trust us with their product and/or service have been provided with every resource possible to make it a success.  Our goal is to be a global leader in West Africa, earning the trust of small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government one country at a time.  Our reputation in how we do our work, pricing, and time to complete will help us charter new territory and gain new ground.


moja Ghana Vision


mojaevans Ghana Vision is to develop a model based on the needs of Ghanaian citizens, business and civic leaders.  We know to listen more than we speak, as the Western way of doing things may not work in other parts of the world where relationships matter more than money.  We know in order to foster harmony and build our mojaevans brand, time is of the essence and so too is patience.


There is a Ghanaian proverb that says, "One falsehood spoils a thousand truths."  This is why we deliver as promised, meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients. We take our time in how we develop, how we grow, and the partnerships we engage in.  Our Ghanaian corporate philosophy is in direct line with our global philosophy; it conveys our dedication to seeing all people harmoniously live and work together in happiness into the future.


The focus is to help the world see and understand the jewels of businesses and government in Ghana that can contribute to the world economy by providing a product and/or service in the most efficient and economically feasible way.


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