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Nonprofit Strategic Planning

Nowadays, funders want to know nonprofits have an idea about where they are headed. Our strategic planning processes help  boards, staff, volunteers, and funders gain a glimpse of what's to come. A strategy is better than guessing your way through to the future.

Who We Are


mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, LLC  is an Atlanta based consulting firm with a keen interest in making sure nonprofit organizations and communities develop a vision for their board, volunteers, staff, funders, and target communities to appreciate.  Many nonprofits fail to think about the future because they are challenged with day to day operations of fund-raising and starting up.  We do long term strategic planning really well.


What We Do


Our nonprofit strategic planning work helps nonprofits and communities alike gain a clear focus on what to do, what time-frame to do it in, and form action steps.  Setting benchmarks are important to ensure the plan is a LIVE document and not something an organization/community did to check off its "To Do" list.


We talk to key individuals and stakeholders who have an investment in the organization's future and success.  We also speak with those are on the sidelines watching it grow and develop, however don't know where they fit in the grand scheme of the vision.  We connect the dots for board members, staff, volunteers, funders, and community members.


How We Can Help You


mojaevans will conduct an Organization Assessment with the leaders of the nonprofit to gain a macro scope of what they feel is going wrong, what is going right, where they feel they need to be going, and where they are actually head.  We will then take this information to develop a strategic plan framework on how best to proceed.


We can help sift out realistic versus perceived barriers to the nonprofit's growth and development.  Complete this form today and let's see how mojaevans can better serve you.


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