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Search Engine Optimization

Have you conducted a search of your company's product or service?  We specialize in making sure your company is registered with all major search engines.  By viewing your site's content, we can provide feedback on how to make it better and place it better.

Who We Are


mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, LLC is an Atlanta based consulting firm that has a list of frequently used search engines along with a formula on how to submit your website to each of them.  This ensures search engine crawlers will be able to find your site and locate the information about your product and/or service quickly.


What We Do


We literally conduct searches for your (1) product, (2) service, (3) specific content on your website, and (4) information about your company to see where your site comes up in search engine results.  We take this information and identify a plan to maximize your product and/or service online.  Whether you are the brand, have products for sale, or provide services to others - we can get you higher on the search engine platforms.


We have learned the algorithms for many of the search engines and use this information to our advantage to help your site move up the search engine results ladder.  Being found quickly means an individual is more likely to click on your site's page and buy your product/service.


How We Can Help You


mojaevans will submit your website's url to the top 20 search engines via keywords and descriptions for your product/service; register your site with the major search engine crawlers, and provide you with a report that shows you how we took your site from where it was when we first met to a higher level.


The goal is to make sure you realize maximum presence in the search engine natural unpaid advertisement world.  Complete this form today and let's see how mojaevans can better serve you.


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