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Social Media Optimization

It's more than having a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Google+ account. We help your company maximum its presence in the social media stratosphere by regularly populating content and monitoring its progress weekly.

Who We Are


mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, LLC is an Atlanta based consulting firm familiar with the top 24 social media platforms with expertise in setting up accounts, creating headers for each platform, providing a description on each, and ensuring that content uploaded is in direct line with the users who access that particular SM site.  It's not a good idea to submit the same content across all social media platforms, each platform has a demographic that needs to be honed in on.


What We Do


We utilize various social media technologies to post content on your social media platforms specifically targeting that social media's main user demographic.  Many believe that one post on many social media platforms is a good idea - NOT!  When you really want to capture more followers and likes, which are considered leads in the business world, you have to talk to them as a specific audience.  We track your Likes, Comments, Retweets, etc. to ensure content being provided to your audience is being shared with their followers/friends.


We look at the cross-behavior of those who follow you on one medium to see if they share it on other mediums.  We check to see which of your users are checking in at local business establishments.  We promote a specific sale or eBook on your social media platforms and track how many times it is downloaded as well as capture information from those who download it.


There's so much rich data an individual, small business, faith based institution, or government entity can acquire just by having a company keep track of its social media engagement.


How We Can Help You


mojaevans will determine your target market and recommend the social media platforms which will get you the best mileage for your investment.  We will also suggest which social media platforms you may want to remove yourself from.  It's not ideal to be on ALL of them if your budget or human resources cannot post content regularly.


We will develop a posting schedule and work with you to ensure key information about a product/service is conveyed at its optimum time for that social media platform.  We will provide you with regular reports regarding increases in sharing of data/content provided to a particular social media platform and track progress.


The world of social media is ever changing and we keep track of what's new, what's old, and what's the best reason to use one over another.  Complete this form today and let's see how mojaevans can better serve you.


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